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Appointment booking system

Your customers can book an appointment on your WordPress website at any time of the day, taking the burden off your shoulders.
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Who should use the online booking system?

Online booking systems are widely used and have applications in many industries.


For hotels, restaurants, wellness centres, hairdressers, beauty salons, massage parlours and other service providers, the online booking system can help you manage your daily schedule.

Travel industry:

Booking flights, accommodation, car rentals and various activities online can benefit both tourists and travel agents.


Organisers of conferences, concerts, sports events and other events can also use the online booking system to register participants and sell tickets.

Medical practices:

For doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers, online appointment booking can simplify the choice of appointments available to patients.

No more assistantships!

Ignore the assistant tasks and focus on your business! We offer a fully automated system that handles automatic booking of appointments, electronic payment, Google calendar integration, and email and SMS notifications to clients and employees. As a result, the system covers almost all assistant tasks.

Featured functions

Group bookings

The system will be able to manage not only individual but also group bookings.

More locations

It is also possible to book service appointments in several locations.

Easy to use

In the backend, booking and managing customers will be as easy as pie.

Google calendar synchronisation

Bookings made on the website are immediately reflected in the calendar.

Managing multiple employees

Specific personalisation of the profile of employees in the company.

Automatic email, SMS

Automatic information on booked, modified, cancelled appointments

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