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How are website development prices this year?

In Hungary and in Europe in general, the price of a well-designed custom WordPress website varies between 696 USD and 2 783 USD – with us: starting from 140 USD! Of course, there are projects more expensive than this, and higher website development prices.


What do we take into account when setting the price?

It’s not the same whether you’re creating a website for a small business owner to showcase their services, or a multilingual webshop for an international company. The factors that influence prices are:

  • The size of the website: It is determined by the number of pages, images and languages to be used, and the amount of text content.
  • Graphic design: When images need to be retouched or manipulated, or many images need to be resized.
  • Website complexity: when a website not only displays static text content and images, but also includes smart systems such as payment, appointment booking, event management systems, etc.
  • Race: How fast do you have to run to win? It depends on who you are racing. We also take into account the prevailing competition in the sector.
  • Quality level: it is important what your expectations are in terms of quality. Achieving the quality of a fully customised, international award-winning website is much more difficult and expensive than filling in a free template.

WpCraft Agency can only quote for websites based on specific requirements. This requires that the project is not in the initial concept phase, but that you have thought through and prepared all the requirements, and that you have the description and visuals of the start-up products. If you are stuck and need help, feel free to contact us.

Our guide prices

Description of itemPrice
Landing page140USD from
Simple introductory website276USD from
Webshop creationfrom about 362USD
+ language content uploaddepends on content
Website maintenance28USD / Month
Online marketing consultancy feefree (for our customers only)
Logo design17USD/hour

Prices are indicative and we will always provide a free, personalised quote.